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Guide to Exhibition Experience


  • Confucianism Land Introduction
  • Greetings

Welcome to Confucianism Land’s official homepage.

I hope that you will visit Confucianism which is to open soon to have an entertaining and fruitful experience in Confucianism.

Hello. Welcome to the Confucianism homepage.

Confucianism Land is a major facility within the Andong Cultural Tourism Complex which is
a central recreational accommodation hub in the Northern Gyeongbuk culture of Confucianism.

By setting a space for edutainment(education + entertainment that provides enthusiastic learning to
all generations including kindergarteners, elementary school, middle school, and high school students,
Confucianism Land enables the originally difficult Confucianism culture to be easily understood.

It is an exhibition experience center where visitors can personally experience the life process of
scholars in the 16th century Andong Daedong village through a time tunnel from the reality.

In the circular 3D theater, which is the last course of the facility,
viewing is even more entertaining due to dynamic 360 degrees circular walls that display special effects including 3D videos.
I hope you will visit Confucianism Land which is to newly open,
and personally experience the entertainment and educative contents regarding Confucianism.

Thank you.

Gyeongsangbuk-do Culture Tourism Organization