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Business Introduction

  • Business Introduction & History
  • Business Introduction

Business overview of the Confucianism Land.


As a major facility within the Andong Culture Tourism Complex that focuses on the Confucius culture which is the root of Korea’s spiritual culture, the company has enabled the family-unit tourists to understand the originally difficult Confucius culture easily by creating a space for edutainment(education+entertainment).

Business Introduction

  • Name of Business : Andong Cultural Tourism Complex Confucianism Land
  • Use : Culture & Meeting Facility (exhibition hall)
  • Area of Land : 14,650.00㎡
  • Area of Building : 4,339.03㎡ (Gross Floor Area : 13,349.23㎡/ Calculated Floor Area Ratio Area : 8,439.66㎡)
  • Size / Structure : Basement 2nd Flr ~ 3rd Flr, Steel Frame Steel-reinforced concrete structure, (roof-steel frame)
  • Max Height : 29.5m
  • Cost of Construction : 43 billion KRW (building : 30.4 billion KRW, exhibition : 12.6 billion KRW)

Detailed Record

Detailed Record
Site Location 346-30(Seonggok-dong) Andongsi Tourism Complex Gyeongsangbuk-do
Use Culture & Meeting Facility (Exhibition hall)
Area of Land 14,650.00㎡
Area of Building 4,339.03㎡
  Basement 2F Basement 1F 1F 2F 3F Total
Gross Floor Area Basement Floor 413.09㎡ 4,496.48㎡ - - - 4,909.57㎡
Ground Floor   - 2,495.08㎡ 3,103.85㎡ 2,840.73㎡ 8,439.66㎡
Total 413.09㎡ 4,496.48㎡ 2,495.08㎡ 3,103.85㎡ 2,840.73㎡ 13,349.23㎡
Building To Land Ratio 29.61% (Statutory 30% or Below)
Floor Area Ratio 57.61% (Statutory 100% or Below)
Structure Reinforced Steel Concrete Structure, Steel Frame(Partial)
Building Size Basement 2Flr ~ 3rd Flr
Elevator Installment Elevators (including 1 cargo elevator)
Parking Space 115 vehicles (Parking space for the disabled: 5 vehicles, General parking space 110 vehicles -2,974.23㎡)
Landscape Planning 3,343.26㎡ (22.83% of land area)
Wastewater facility Andongsi Sewage Treatment Plant(58,000㎡/day)
Exterior Materials T0.5 Stainless Steel (DULL FINISHED),
T2.0 Stainless steel perforated plate (DULL FINISH),
T6.0 Synthetic Wood Pannel, T30 Granite Wet Rubbing, T24 Color Duplex Glass

Detailed Structure According to Floor

Detailed Structure According to Floor
According to Floor Floor Area (㎡) Main Use
Basement 2nd Floor 413.09 Preparation Room, Circular Stage Lower Part.
Basement 1st Floor 4,496.48 Lobby, Planning Exhibition Hall, Circular Stage, Practice Room, Mother-Child Foyer, Machinery Room, Exhibition Room.
Total Basement Floor 4,909.57  
Ground Floor 1st Floor 2,495.08 Lobby, Fast Food, Museum Shop, Seminar Room, Work Room, Sujanggo, Office.
Ground Floor 2nd Floor 3,103.85 Scholar’s Garden, Daedong Village, Boy Scholar Village, Teenager Scholar Village, Middle-aged Scholar Village.
Ground Floor 3rd Floor 2,840.73 Senior Scholar Village, Cham Scholar Village, Circular 3D Theater, Observatory, Cafe.
Ground Floor Total 8,439.66  
Total 13,349.23