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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Confucianism Garden

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • 16C Path to Andong
  • Confucianism Garden

Chosun Dynasty’s Confucianism Doctrine, Idea, and Taste of Scholars

Confucianism Garden

Confucianism Resting Place

  • The naturally-lit resting place that has been displayed with the traditional gardens of our ancestral scholars’ tastes is located at the Central Hall to provide the visitors with a space for composite functions including grouping, resting, and entertainment.

Artificial Waterfall

  • This is a place where one can experience the tastes of scholars from the Chosun Dynasty who favored landscape garden and waterfalls.


  • As a part of Korea’s traditional cultural space that is based on the scholars’ Confucianism doctrines and ideas, this is a bower where both males and females can receive the spirit of Confucianism Land .