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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Birth of Scholar

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No.2 Hall Boy Scholar Village
  • Birth of Scholar

This is No.2 Hall, the Boy Scholar Village exhibition experiencing hall.

As families are transforming into nuclear families, family education is being threatened regarding manners and etiquettes, and education for the so called “rude children” is in urgent need.
In order to induce such problematic perception to the viewers by displaying such aspect of the reality, a mother and a child are arguing in a living room in an apartment.
Dongyi, a boy scholar sees this scene and points out the parts that are inappropriate and guide the viewers to search for the solutions through the experience view.

Birth of Scholar

  • Boy Scholar Dongyi is born.
  • As today, in the past there was a custom of celebrating the 100th day as well as 1 year anniversary of a baby’s birth.
    Birth of Scholar
    • Birth and 37 Days
      • A baby’s birth is a very celebrative event but requires caution as well. The mother who has just delivered her baby as well as the baby who was just born are extremely weak and therefore are susceptible to getting diseases. Therefore, for 3 weeks after the delivery, a golden rope that has coal and paper is set in front of the front gates which are believed to drive back the negative energy and keeps others from entering the place. When the baby is born, if it is a boy they tie a pepper on the golden rope and in contrast if it is a girl they tie a pine needle to inform others of the baby’s gender.

      Birth and 37 Days

    • 100th day
      • When a baby reaches 100th day since birth, the family is grateful for the baby to have grown healthily and therefore share rice cakes to other families and neighbors. There was a belief that sharing the 100th day rice cakes with 100 people brings the baby good luck. In return, the recipients of rice cakes give thread and rice which both have the meaning of hoping for the baby to live long.
        The rice cakes shared in the 100th day have a wide range of varieties. Steamed rice cake means long life and purity. Millet red bean rice cake means driving back disasters while glutinous rice cake means the wishes for baby to have perseverance and strong heart, and there is also the ‘5 Color Songpyeon’ which wishes for the baby to have a good balance of all 5 virtues.

      100th day

    • 1st Year Birthday
      • When a baby reaches his/her first birthday, the family invites the relatives and neighbors to celebrate the 1st year birthday.
        If the baby holds the thread he/she will live long, if he/she holds a book or the brush he/she will be intelligent, if he/she holds money or rice he/she will be rich, and if he/she holds a jujube he/she will have many children. Moreover, if he/she holds the rice cake first, it means that he/she will be a great eater.

      1st Year Birthday