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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Looking at Simcheong

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No.2 Hall Boy Scholar Village
  • Looking at Simcheong

This is No.2 Hall, the Boy Scholar Village exhibition experiencing hall.

Looking at Simcheong

  • Simcheong threw herself in the Indangsu to make her blind father to open his eyes.
    Let’s go the scene together. Let’ view a video where Simcheong is riding on a moving boat and feel the meaning of filial duty.
I am Simcheong who lives in Hangju Dohwadong.
am on a boat to go to the dragon lord to offer sacrifice.
How did I end up like this? Actually, my father has recently heard that if ‘he offers sacrifice of ‘300 bags of rice to Buddha he can open his eyes’. He gave up right away because our family could not afford it.
However it a coincidence because at the same time, merchants are looking for a virgin to offer sacrifice to the dragon lord in order to cross the Indsangsu. Therefore, I had an agreement with them that I will sacrifice myself to the dragon lord in return of 300 bags of rice and some money so that my father could live a comfortable life. I wanted to repay my father somehow because he has been so devoted to raising me despite his difficulty of not being able to see. However, my heart aches right now thinking how sad my father would feel when he hears about this. Now the boat is about to depart. Would you come aboard as well?

<Simcheong who Went to Indangsu> Screening Guide
Genre : Animation / Screening Time : Regular(approximately 5 minutes) / Seating Capacity : 20 People

How can we can we serve our filial duty?

‘Hyo’(piety) refers to respecting and devoting to one’s parents. Parents have given us life and love, and have raised us through difficulty.
Therefore we have to repay the gratitude to our parents by fulfilling one’s filial duty.
How can we practice filial duty?

  • First, one needs to have a respectful mind. We should not consider the love and grace as granted, but should rather consider the difficulty his/her parents must have gone through to raise him/her.
    This way one will naturally retain the mind of gratitude and such mind will be reflected on his/her facial expression or attitude.
  • Second, one should not make his/her parents worry. If we were to get hurt or are sick how worried and heart-broken should the parents be?
    In addition, if we do not work hard on our studies and go around doing bad things our parents may worry ‘what will my kid become later?’
    Therefore we should always be careful and act with pride.
  • Third, we must make effort to become the child that our parents may be proud of.
    Maengja said that heightening one’s parents is the greatest filial duty of all. Therefore, one must try his/her best to become an honorable person.