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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Becoming a Boy Scholar

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No.2 Hall Boy Scholar Village
  • Becoming a Boy Scholar

This is No.2 Hall, the Boy Scholar Village exhibition experiencing hall.

Learning the Cheonjamun

Cheonjamun which is composed of 1000 characters

  • [Cheonjamun] is the most elementary book to read when one accustoms him/herself to Chinese characters.
    Long time ago, in China, during the Yang Dynasty, Muje ordered a scholar named Juheungsa to write the textbook for young imperial princes.
    Based on legends, Juheungsa was originally a prisoner waiting to be executed. However, scholars who deemed his writing talents to be such a waste requested Muje to spare his life. Hearing this, Muje gave Juheungsa the Seocheop of Wanghuiji and told him to pick 1000 characters and make letters by grouping 4 characters so that they do not overlap with each other, and to write a poem with the letters. This had to be done in just one day.
    Juheungsa who had received the mission contemplated for a long time and finally completed a poem. Reading the poem, Muje was deeply impressed and therefore forgave Juheungsa and assigned him to a government official position.
    Since [Cheonjamun] is written as a poem, 4 characters must be read as 1 phrase and 8 characters must be read as 1 yeon. When looking at the first phrase "sky ‘cheon’, ground ‘ji’ …” the characters go like ‘天地玄黃 宇宙洪荒’, and this means that ‘the sky is far away and that the ground is yellow, and that the space is wide and rough’. [Cheonjamun] starts like this from sky and ground (cheonji) which explains the nature’s principle, and explains various aspects such as the scholarship path, reason of wise men and men of virtue, politics and farming, and scholar’s mental attitude.
    Although it is extremely elementary on the surface, it is possesses the mysterious essence of study.

Learning the Cheonjamun

  • Long time ago, scholars used to study at a school (seodang) like this.
    This is a corner where we become scholars and learn Cheonjamun ourselves.
  • Let’s have a seat and press the button at the front of the pen and write the character shown on the screen.
  • This is a game where we learn Cheonjamun. If you sit on your seats the game will begin. (When the seats are all occupied) Are you ready? With the pen you have to press the character, not the numbers 1,2,3,4 shown in your answer choices. After you have answered correctly try writing it once more.