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Guide to Exhibition Experience


  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No. 3 Hall Young Adult Scholar Village
  • Introduction/Emission

This is No.3 hall, Young Adults Village exhibition.

Virtuous Female/Chosun’s Female Scholar

Virtuous Female/Chosun’s Female Scholar

  • Can females also be scholars? Yes they can. Although the participation of females in politics during the Chosun Dynasty was prohibited, how can there by discrimination between man and woman in learning the teachings from the sages that are purposed to have such great virtue? Queen Sohye, the mother of king Seongjong had written the 「Naehun (內訓)」 to teach women how to foster one’s character, and aside from her, there were also other numerous female scholars who had great knowledge, virtue and talents.
  • Yulgok’s mother, Sinsayimdang, was not only a wise mother and a good wife, but was also extremely talented in writing poetry and drawing pictures and therefore left many great works behind, and the poet Heonansilheon gained fame not only in Korea but also all the way to China and Japan.
  • Also, mistress Jang Gye Hyang who was famous for her virtuous character, had left 「Food Dimibang」 which is the oldest cooking book written by a female in the East, and therefore spread the cooking culture to the future yangban households (noble class).
    Looking at such female scholars, we can know that females endeavored to cultivate their minds as much as males had done.