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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Defend the Jinju Castle

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No.4 Hall Middle-aged Scholar Village
  • Defend the Jinju Castle

This is No.4 Hall, the middle-aged scholar village exhibition experience hall.

Defend the Jinju Castle

  • We have provided the display set of the Jinju Castle Battle which is known as the most intense battle during the Japanese Invasion Period. The Jinju Battle is one of the 3 major battles during the Japanese invasion including Hansando Battle and Haengju Battle.
    • 1st Jinju Castle Battle
      • - This is a battle that occurred during the middle Chosun Dynasty during the Japanese Invasion. This battle is included in the 3 major battles along with Kwonyul’s Haengju Battle and Yi Sun Shin’s Hansando Battle.
    • 2nd Jinju Castle Battle
      • - In 1953, June 22nd to 29th lunar year, about 3000 Chosun soldiers and 70,000 civilians fought against over 10,000 Japanese soldiers in Jinju castle. In this battle the Jinju castle was destroyed and minister Seoyewon as well as most of leaders including Kim Cheon Il and Choi Gyeong Hui threw themselves in the Namgang or were killed in the battle.

Firing the Cannons

  • Model cannons that were used during the Jinju Castle Battle are displayed.

Heroes of the Jinju Castle

  • In the painting in front of you, you can see the hidden righteous army of the Chosun Dynasty. By looking at the scope vision you can expand the characters, and if you click on the character you can see descriptions about them.

Charge! Make a Surprise Attack on the Japanese Soldiers

  • You can experience the battle by riding on moving horses and electronic arrows where the Japanese soldiers are defeated.
    • The Japanese enemies are riding towards Jinju castle! General Gwak Jae Woo and his army are trying to make a surprise attack on the enemies so we shall attack them too.
      • 1) Let’s get on the horses and put on the seat belt.
      • 2) When it begins hold the crossbow and fire the lights to attack the enemies.
      • 3) You should not release the seat belt or get off the horse in the middle of the experience.
    • Enemies are coming into the Jinju castle! General Gwak Jae Woo and his army are fighting against them so let’s also defeat them by shooting arrows.

Building the Castle Walls

  • We can experience building the castle walls of Jinju castle which were ruined during the battle.
    • Everyone!
      The castle walls are being torn down because of the enemy’s attack.
      Let’s quickly get the bricks and repair the damaged parts of Jinju castle.