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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Appreciation for the Arts! Getting Immersed to Nature

  • Guide to Exhibition Experience
  • No. 5 Hall Elderly Scholar Village
  • Appreciation for the Arts! Getting Immersed to Nature

This is No.5 Hall, the Elderly Scholar Village exhibition experiencing hall.

Traditional Instrument

  • All musical instruments here have sensors so that they can freely make musical sounds. The Gayageum, Geomungo, Ajaeng etc can all be played to follow the music of Arirang.
  • As a categorization method for Korea’s conventional instruments, there is a method where categorization is done according to the main materials in accordance with the 《Jeungbomunhunbigo》, a method where categorization is done according to the utilization and in which genre the instrument’s music is included in, as stated in the 《Akhakgwebum》, and lastly the most widespread method based on trichotomy of wind instruments, string instruments, and percussions.

Traditional Instrument

Creating a Poem

  • This is a place which displays the image of scholars enjoying poetry.
    Here you are able to draw an ink painting using the digital brush and write one’s own poem. Let’s all take a challenge.

Creating a Poem

Chosun Dynasty Writers

  • Kim Jeong Hui (1786 ~ 1856)

    Kim Jeong Hui

    • 1786(Jeongjo10)~1856(Cheoljong7). He showed great interest in studying the letters engraved on ancient stone monuments, known as Geumseokhak, and he was active in exchanging thoughts with Buddhism. Of his works, Sehyeondo is very famous. Moreover, he developed a unique handwriting style called Chusache, and he was fabulous with engravings as well.
  • Jeongcheol(1536 ~ 1593)


    • 1536(Jungjong31)~1593(Seonjo26). When he was 25, he created the Seongsanbyeolgok. In 1580(Seonjo13), when he became the provincial governor of Gangwondo, he wrote the Gwandongbyeolgok and Hunminga 16su. When he went to retirement from active life, he wrote literary works such as the Samiingok and Sokmiiingok. His world of work was based on expressing a person’s love to the king and the civilians.
  • Sinsaimdang (1504 ~ 1551)


    • 1504(Yeonsangun10)~1551(Myeongjong6), Female artist of the mid Chosun Dynasty. She was the mother of the representative scholar of the Chosun Dynasty, Yi Yi. She learned the Angyeon painting when she was only 7 years old, and she drew paintings with subjects such as insects, grapes, flowers, fish, bamboo, orchid, rivers and hills etc.
  • Heonanseolheon (1563 ~ 1589)


    • 1563(Myeongjong18)~1589(Seonjo22). Heogyun’s sister. She had a great literary talent from an early age. However due to her unfortunate family situations, in her poems there are a lot of contents that long for escaping from the current situation and going to a new world. 『Nanseolhyeonjib』 was even published in Japan in 1711.

Chosun Dynasty Writers