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Guide to Exhibition Experience

Additional Convenient Facilities

  • Additional Convenient Facilities
  • Additional Convenient Facilities

This is the guide to Confucianism Land’s additional/convenient facilities Additional Facilities.

Additional Facilities

  • Circular Stage
    • Circular live stage, Circular vision, Madanggeuk, Theater play, Seminar, Exhibition Session
  • Planning Exhibition Room
    • Planning Exhibition, Special Exhibition
    • Sujanggo

Convenience Facility

  • Ticket Office/Information Desk :
    We provide guide for inconveniences and questions.
  • Luggage Storage Room/Group Consulting Room
  • Square for Meeting/Search Kiosk
  • Rental for Wheelchairs/Strollers :
    There are wheelchairs and strollers ready for use.
  • Mother & Child Foyer :
    Children’s bed are arranged for nursing(breastfeeding).
  • Food Court, Cafeteria : 1st floor, 3rd floor
  • Convenience Store, Goods Store : 1st floor