Confucian Culture
Theme Park


Welcome to
Confucianism Land’s official homepage.

I hope that you will visit Confucianism which is
to open soon to have an entertaining and fruitful experience in Confucianism.

Hello. Welcome to the Confucianism homepage.

Confucian Land is a core facility of the Andong Cultural Tourism Complex to be used as a place for character education.
While having fun with a theme park-type exhibition and experience facility that is a storytelling of the basic ideas of Confucianism, loyalty and humanity
It is designed to be etiquette and character education.

Confucianism has blossomed in Korea, and it is incorporated into our lives as the fundamental philosophy of the 500 years of Joseon Dynasty.
At the Confucian Land, you can experience and learn Confucianism as an academic and life philosophy,
not as a religion, as well as Confucian culture left with conscience, courtesy, and ethics through the life of the elite of the Joseon Dynasty.

We are confident that our understanding and pride in our culture, which has left an unprecedented number of record heritages in the world,
will serve as the foundation for nurturing not only character education but also proud global leaders.

In addition, since it is located indoors, it is not affected by the season and the weather, and can be experienced by grandparents, parents, and three children in a safe facility.
Currently, many educational institutions have signed business agreements and are using it as an experience learning center.
We hope that many students can use it as an experience space in our Confucian Land, which has been well received since its opening.

Thank you.