Confucian Culture
Theme Park


I hope you will feel
the true essence of scholar’s spiritin Andong, the capital of Korea’s spiritual culture..

Hello, I am Kwon Yeong Se, mayor of Andong.
I sincerely welcome you visiting Confucianism Land homepage.

As a major facility in the Andong Cultural Tourism Complex, it is located in the Northern Gyeongbuk province
which is the hub of Confucianism culture, Confucianism Land, which is a Confucianism culture experiencing theme park, has come into advent.

Confucianism culture consists of the essence of oriental culture including Dosanseowon,
Hahoe Village in Andong where the old sages’ spirits are still alive.
The facility enables all generations from children to elders to enjoy
experiencing the life of the ancestral scholars in Andong which has been called as the home of scholars from the past.

Moreover, we are planning to provide a space that provides entertainment,education, and experiences by reviving the scholars’ spirits and inheriting the spiritual culture
in the current society as well as sustaining this to the future.

We call scholars as people who retain knowledge as well as virtue.
I wish that everyone who visits here can be delivered with the scent of scholars and
Confucianism Land will strive to approach all of you in a more fruitful image.

Thank you.

Mayor of Andong,