Confucian Culture
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No.1 Hall Daedong Village

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"Welcome to our village! It looks like you have many worries and troubles and I'm guessing you are from the future. Why don't we go on a trip together with our scholars?”

experiencing admission’s story development. It displays a village in the 16th century Chosun Dyansty within the Daedong Village that materialized the idealistic society of Confucianism, and it shows 5 main characters distinguished in different age groups who welcomes the visitors and introduces the experience exhibition hall .

Exhibition Guide


  • People in the Daedong Village

    world where people are thoughtful, cooperate, and live together, the jolly children in the village where Confucianism ideals are present are living together while loving the respective tasks they have to uphold. The people from Daedong village are talking.